15 Best Apps to Listen to Music Together Online

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Ever tried sharing a tune with a friend a thousand miles away? It’s easier than you think!

Whether you’re looking to sync up for a live listening party or share playlists effortlessly, these apps offer a range of features to enhance your musical experience.

Today, you will get to know 15 best apps to listen to music and enjoy with your loved ones, streaming them online.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover apps that not only let you and your friends play music simultaneously but also explore new tracks and artists together, no matter your locations.
  • Learn how these apps integrate various music sources, allowing seamless session joins or personalised session creations.
  • Explore the added benefits of premium features, which include ad-free listening, higher audio quality, and exclusive content access, enriching your shared music experience.

Apps to Listen to Music Together

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Before we get going with the list of apps to listen to music, keep your headphones ready and plug into your device for a music journey through this blog!

1. Spotify

Spotify users enjoy access to millions of tracks and the ability to share playlists easily. The feature works by allowing Spotify users to join or create group sessions for listening to music together, enhancing the social aspect of music enjoyment. Spotify Premium enhances this experience by letting you listen together without ads and with higher audio quality.

Did You Know?

Spotify has over 345 million users worldwide, making it a powerhouse in shared listening experiences. Also, Apple Music users have the exclusive feature of integrating with Siri for a hands-free control experience during playback.

2. Apple Music

Apple Music goes beyond individual listening. It includes a feature that allows you to listen to music and chat about your favorite songs in real-time. You can tap into a world of over 60 million songs, curated playlists, and exclusive content.

3. YouTube Music: Videos and Tracks Together

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YouTube Music offers a unique blend of video and audio streaming. Users can switch between watching music videos and listening to tracks without missing a beat. This platform is perfect for those who enjoy music and want to explore artist interviews and live performances.

To enhance you music experience we recommend using specific set of headphones for the each purposes, for example: if you are someone who loves to listen to music while working out, you may wanna consider in-ear headphones for ease of movement. But if you are someone who is blogger and requires headphones with mics, then you shall consider, headsets.

Did you know?

Music can help someone with severe brain injury, recall memories.

4. Rave: Watch Together, Anywhere

Rave lets you watch videos and listen to music with friends synced in real time. You can join a virtual room where everyone can watch YouTube, Netflix, or listen to songs on Spotify or SoundCloud together.

5. AmpMe: Sync Phones to Amplify Sound

AmpMe allows you to connect multiple devices to play music simultaneously, effectively turning them into a powerful speaker system. It supports various music sources like Spotify and YouTube, bringing friends and their playlists together.

6. Watch2Gether: Enjoy Content in Sync

With Watch2Gether, you can enjoy music, videos and more in perfect sync. This platform is ideal for those who want to experience content from YouTube, Vimeo, or SoundCloud together, regardless of where they are.

7. GroupPlay: Dedicated to Group Listening

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GroupPlay is a new contender in the music app space that focuses entirely on group listening experiences. This app lets you and your friends play music in sync and offers interactive features like voting on the next song.

Did you know?

You should probably play some good music while watering plants, as it can help with their growth. 

8. Jukebox.today: Create Your Virtual Music Room

Jukebox.today allows you to create a virtual room where you and your friends can listen to music together in real time. Upload your tracks or choose from a vast online library to keep the music playing.

9. JQBX: DJ for Your Friends

JQBX (pronounced “jukebox”) allows Spotify Premium users to play DJ for each other, broadcasting tracks to everyone in a virtual room. You can vote on songs, chat, and discover new tunes together.

10. EarBuds: Share Your Real-Time Playlist

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Imagine sharing your live playlist while you work out or commute. EarBuds makes this possible, providing a platform to broadcast your playlist to friends and fans alike.

11. Vertigo: Music Meets Social Media

Vertigo combines listening with social interaction. Connect your Spotify or Apple Music account and listen along with influencers and friends. Engage in a community that’s as passionate about music as you are.

a group making use of the app Vertigo

12. SoundSeeder: Connect Across Devices

SoundSeeder turns your mobile devices into a multi-speaker setup. Enjoy music across multiple devices to amp up your listening experience. Perfect for gatherings where everyone wants a taste of being a DJ.

13. Tastebuds: Play Music, Make Friends

Tastebuds puts a social twist on music streaming. Find people with similar music tastes and send songs directly within the app. It’s a fun way to make new friends and explore music together.

Did you know?

An average person hears roughly 1.3 million songs in their lifetime.

14. Quorus: Songs and Socializing

Quorus offers a fresh approach to social music listening. This app lets you sync up with friends to listen live, comment on tracks, and share the audio experience in real-time.

15. Discord: More Than Gaming

While primarily known for gaming, Discord supports robust integrations with Spotify, allowing users to see what friends are listening to and join in on listening parties.


apps to listen to music

The apps listed above transform how we connect through music, making every playlist and every song a bridge between friends, families, and fans across the globe.

Whether you’re sharing a FaceTime call or simply syncing up your favorite tunes, there’s an app that caters to your needs.

They bridge distances, ensuring that no matter where you are, the music always plays together, enhancing moments with the magic of shared melodies and memories.


1.What are the best apps for listening to music with friends online?

Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music are among the top choices for sharing and enjoying music with friends online. Other apps like we: fm and Odesli also offer unique ways to connect through music. we:fm allows users to listen to music simultaneously with friends and connect to Facebook to find more friends, while Odesli focuses on creating shareable links for songs across different platforms, enabling friends to enjoy the same music even on different services.

2.Can I play music simultaneously with someone in a different location?

Yes, apps like AmpMe and GroupPlay are designed to let users play music simultaneously, regardless of location.

3. Are there any free apps to listen to music together online?

Many apps offer free versions with basic features, such as Spotify and JQBX, though some features may require a premium account.

4. How can I share my playlist with someone else?

Apps like Spotify and Apple Music allow you to create and share playlists directly from the app, making it easy to share your favorite tunes with friends.